Relaxation Therapy Tips

Podcast Update - October 9th 2019

Apologies to anyone having problems accessing our Relaxation Therapy Tips podcast episodes. This is due to our host having server problems, which they are working hard to solve. In the meantime, remember that the episodes are also available FREE on Patreon. You may have to create an account but this is free and our normal podcast episodes are always shared publically on the day of general release. Check it out at:

“There are some voices you connect with, while others you don’t. Your warm nature comes through your voice and I always feel like you genuinely care” ~B.

Relaxation Therapy Tips is a free relaxation podcast published by Relaxation Therapy Online through Podiant Community. The episodes contain relaxation tips and techniques and are short (only ten minutes long) so they can easily be incorporated into your life. New episodes are posted on Podiant every other Thursday by 1pm current UK time.

The podcast is available to play and download on Podiant and should be available through Patreon and most podcast providers (such as iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, Overcast, etc) within 24 hours of posting. 

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