Podcast Update - November 7th 2019

The Relaxation Therapy Tips podcast has completed the move to Podbean! This move does mean that less episodes will be available in the standard podcast streams, such as iTunes and Stitcher but older episodes are currently being moved over to Patreon. In the meantime, remember that all of the episodes are always available FREE on Patreon. You may have to create an account but this is free and our normal podcast episodes are always shared publically on the day of general release. Check it out at:

World Mental Health Day - October 10th

This Thursday is World Mental Health Day and the focus this year is on suicide prevention.
Suicide is a difficult subject to talk about but it is talking that is most needed. One pervasive myth is that talking about suicide is a bad idea and can be interpreted as encouragement. However the very opposite is true: most people who are contemplating suicide want to talk and need advice on what to do but don't know how to approach it.
People who have suicidal feelings do not all go on to commit suicide and the vast majority of people who feel suicidal don't carry it out because something changes or someone helps them. Because of this it's important to realise that knowing how we can support ourselves or others who are feeling suicidal can make the difference.
To support this we'll be sharing resources on both Facebook and Twitter so that you know what to do to help yourself and others and how to talk about this difficult but important subject. In addition, suicide prevention will be the focus of our Relaxation Therapy Tips episode, which is due out on Thursday 10th.

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