As everybody is different and there are different techniques available to deal with different issues, the most effective way to use Relaxation Therapy is to have a specialist guide you according to your needs and individual personality. 

Relaxation Therapy Online specialise in providing a personalised Relaxation Therapy programme that is tailored to your needs. A qualified Relaxation Therapist will evaluate your requirements and progress, producing the next session in your programme based on how your current session has developed. 

Sessions take place online using real-time instant messaging. This is beneficial as communicating in this distanced way can feel more anonymous and hence less pressured. You will be given both audio and written material to take away from your session so that you can practise the techniques on your own. 

The initial consultation is free and there is no obligation to proceed with further sessions. After the initial consultation, a one hour online session is £45. You can also book a block of 5 for £200 or 10 for £375. Half hour sessions at £25 may also be possible but that will depend upon the treatment required fitting into a half hour.

Contact us to arrange your free consultation.

Terms & Conditions

Relaxation Therapy Online is not a medical practice and so does not give medical advice. Any medical issues do need to be taken to a qualified health care professional, such as a nurse or doctor. 

There may be times when your consultation with Relaxation Therapy Online results in the recommendation that you follow up an issue with a health care professional. This is a recommendation and it is your responsibility to follow this up, not the responsibility of Relaxation Therapy Online. 

If Relaxation Therapy Online have any concerns that a session should not go ahead, they reserve the right to organise an alternative session or a refund, whichever is deemed most appropriate.