About Us

Relaxation Therapy Online is owned by Susan Percival, BA (Hons.), MSc., AHCP (Reg.), a qualified Relaxation Therapist with many years experience working in hospitals and schools. Susan also writes and presents the Relaxation Therapy Tips podcast. 

"I discovered Relaxation Therapy whilst I was looking for ways to deal with anxiety, because at the time I was struggling to find some sort of life in my life/work balance. When I took physically ill a couple of years later, Relaxation Therapy became the thing that helped me through, when doctors were giving me frightening prognoses but were unable to give me any treatment. As the techniques I used to help myself played such a major part in my healing, I wanted other people to be aware of how Relaxation Therapy could help them and I started Relaxation Therapy Online and then the Relaxation Therapy Tips podcast." ~Susan

The AHCP [Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners] register can be found at www.ahcp.org.